Costa da Morte, the region

Here was the end of the world, the 'Finis Terrae' of the Romans. Specifically, Cabo Finisterre, a fascinating place since ancient times, and where many pilgrims end their journey after passing through Santiago de Compostela.

The legendary Costa da Morte gets its name from the many shipwrecks that have occurred here. A rugged coastline with endless beaches such as Carnota, O Rostro or Baldaio and cliffs, strong currents and sudden storms as well, which make it so feared by sailors. Here, the sea is boss. The English Cementery – near Cabo Vilán – where the 180 sailors of the 1890 shipwreck of the Serpent, were buried. And perhaps to ask for Heaven for mercy, this is also a coastline dotted with magical shrines, like that of the Virxe da Barca.

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